Biking Safari Outside the Park - 25USD (2hrs)

Stretch your legs and get off the beaten track with our 2-3 hour biking safari around the local area. Ride and hike to a lookout point for unbeatable views and see plenty of game animals in their natural habitat.

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Biking Safari Inside the Park - 55USD + Park entrance fee (2hrs)

Explore Lake Mburo National Park on two wheels! This 2 hour safari is perfect for game viewing without the vehicle. You will be guided by an UWA ranger, you will set the pace and you will have lots of opportunities to get up close to the animals for prime viewing and photos! Make sure to pack plenty of water, sunscreen, closed-toed shoes, and comfortable neutral coloured clothes.

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Whats the different between biking inside and outside the park?

Many clients ask what the difference is between biking inside and outside the park? It’s simple.. variety of animal species and price…

Inside allows the possibility to spot a greater variety of animals and birds, for example the giraffe, who do not venture outside the park. Inside you will be guided by an UWA ranger for you own safety and enjoyment, and naturally it is more expensive.

Outside the park, there’s a chance of spotting a dozen or so mammal and many bird species, and of course because it isn’t national park, it’s much cheaper. We send you out with one of our passionate and trained guides.