Stopping for a meal, a night, or a few days? Great, we’ll take care of you!

Our location is the perfect break from long drives between Kampala and the West, and we have plenty of room for trucks to park and set up camp. Upgrading to our tents possible too. Contact us directly for special overland rates. As always, crews stay for free!

We have a large restaurant and can prepare meals with advance notice. Please contact us to organise. A separate basic kitchen facility is available in the camping area if you’re cooking for yourselves.

We offer lots of activities too, both inside and outside Lake Mburo National Park. Contact us to organise!


  • Do you accept credit/debit cards?

    - Yes, we do accept cards, but note that you’ll be charged 3% of the amount.

    Do you have a Wi-Fi at the camp?

    - We do not have Wi-Fi at the camp, but a hotspot from the company phone is available for emergencies.

    Can I charge my devices at the room?

    - Sorry, since all the camp runs on Solar power there are no sockets at the rooms, but you can charge it at the main building at charging station where we have invertors from DC to AC. It’s much better (and even faster) to charge during the day time when it’s direct sunshine.

    Is there a fan in my room?

    - We do not have AC or fans, this is a very temperate region and they are not required.

    Is it safe to be outside during the night time?

    - Yes. There are animals all around us but most of them always outside our camp. You might see only some zebras, impalas, waterbucks or cows coming very close. Also we have two armed security guys patrolling around.

    Are there many mosquitoes at the camp?

    - It depends on the season. During dry season you can barely see any, a bit more during rainy season but still it’s just few comparing with many other parts of the country. Anyway all the tent have a mosquito nets.

    What is a usual weather at the area?

    - Also depends on the season: very hot at dry season and usually rainy nights and mornings at rainy season. But It’s always colder at the night (could be 15 °C/59 °F), don’t forget some warm clothes.

    Do you have a restaurant?

    - Yes and we are really proud of it since people really like our food. Our meals are served from a set menu. Breakfast is always a shared plate of seasonal fruits for the group, then a lovely pancake, followed by toast and eggs of their choosing. Lunch and dinner are typically 3 course meals, although guests have the option to choose just a main dish. There is a vegetarian and a meat option for each main dish. And we can accommodate any dietary restriction, but appreciate notice.

    Do you have a swimming pool?

    - We do not have a swimming pool as per now, but we do have plans for one in the future. In the meantime, guests are welcomed at our friendly neighboring lodge Rwakobo Rock, so long as the lodge is not fully booked with their own guests. They ask for a 20,000 UGX fee.

    How to get to your camp by car?

    - If you’re coming from Kampala side you should take a Kampala-Masaka road and the Masaka-Mbarara road. After a town called Akageti take a left turn (there is a Big blue milk factory building as a reference point) and follow the sighs. The whole way could take 4-5 hours (mainly depends on the traffic at Kampala). If you’re going from Mbarara side you should take a Masaka-Mbarara road follows Masaka direction. After place called Chapa you should take a right turn (there is a Big blue milk factory building as a reference point) and follow the sighs. The whole way could take 1-1,5 hours.

    Can I get to your place by public transport?

    - Yes. If you are in Kampala you should get to the Bakuri bus terminal and catch a Global Bus heading to Mbarara and ask them to drop you at Akageti. In Akageti, you will get a boda to camp for 5,000 UGX, just tell them where are you going, everyone there knows our place. If you are in Mbarara get any bus following Kampala and ask them to drop you at Akageti. In Akageti, you will find a boda to camp for 5,000 UGX.

    Have I pay National Park fees to stay at your camp?

    - No, we are right at the border with National Park but outside, so to stay with don’t have to pay park fees.

    Do I have to pay park fees to go to the park at the camp?

    - No, you pay all the park fees at the entrance. They accept cash and debit/credit cards.

    How much is the entrance fee to the park?

    - Entrance to the park is 40$ per person and it's valid for 24 hours. So you can go there at the afternoon and the next morning if you want. Car entrance is 30,000 UGS per car. Renger rental is optional during the daytime game drives.

    Is there a campfire at the night?

    - Yes, if it’s not raining we do a campfire.

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